Digitaltransformation,engineered forthe future.

Optimize your business performance for the workforce of the future, today. Our core technology helps us create customized, scalable systems and solutions faster than ever before.

what we do

Digital Transformation

We apply disruptive technologies and practices to deliver digital transformation strategies to help your organization accelerate innovation, embrace new digital services, and expand existing capabilities. Our platforms are built on a foundation of streaming data and event-driven architectures that can scale to meet the demands of exponentially increasing data volume and velocity in the new, rapid-paced digital era.

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Data analytics

Data governance

Multi-tier data lake

Machine learning

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Human-centered design engineering

Event-driven microservices

Business process engineering


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Cloud-native platform

Real-time auditing & monitoring

Distributed computing

Digital discovery platform

Our Products
  • Financial Management Enterprise financial platform
  • Grant Management Grant program platform
  • Streaming Analytics Real-time data insights
  • Forme Digital document management
  • Konverge Apache Kafka monitor
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our capabilities

Fast Data. Speed. Scalability.

Event-Driven Systems

Architecture that listens for and responds to events as they occur within the system, allowing for dynamic reconfiguration of business logic and a system that's easier to maintain.

Data Engineering

Infrastructure that transforms both static and dynamic data into consumable formats across any application or data platform.

Performance Optimization

Optimizing rendering speed and minimizing response time between components to build the fastest systems possible.

Microservice Architecture

Flexible and customizable modules of functionality to meet your specific needs. Independent and loosely coupled modules facilitate easier change management.

Distributed Computing

Distributing tasks across a cloud infrastructure means full scalability and zero downtime from increased traffic and performance demands.

Machine Learning

Using insights generated from event data, our systems adapt over time to reflect and adapt to the trends occurring within the system.

how we do it

Proven Accelerators + Unique Expertise

We understand that no two organizations are exactly alike, and neither are the challenges they face as they work toward digital transformation of processes and systems. We mix-and-match our independent, modular application components to create custom solutions. We start by understanding your unique business strategy, requirements, and existing processes. Then, we identify the right customizations to build a tailored approach to help you reach your goals.

Unique problems demand unique solutions

Technology should adapt to you, not the other way around. Our innovation-driven, user-centered approach is designed to meet your unique business requirements.

Digital processes to empower the workforce of the future

Using human-centered design principles, we build intuitive interfaces that are optimized to present employees with relevant, customizable, and actionable tools and insights they need to work smarter.

Demo an MVP in weeks

Until now, digital transformation initiatives have been costly and time-intensive. Our applications are built by combining independent, modular components to quickly create custom solutions you can start using immediately. Our products are cloud-native and scalable by default, so we can quickly stand up large-scale solutions.

Conseqta Core + Client Customization

Conseqta Core + Client Customization

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Conseqta Core components form the foundation of our digital transformation strategies, proven to accelerate innovation across industries.
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Streaming platform
  • Enterprise security
  • Enterprise portal
  • Distributed workflow engine
  • Digital Discovery Platform
  • Advanced analytics
  • Machine learning
  • DevSecOps

client custom iconclient Customization

With a deep understanding of specific client needs, preferences, and requirements, we identify the right customizations to build a tailored approach.
  • Applications
  • Document management
  • Security access
  • Workflows
  • Insights and analytics
  • Notifications
  • Themes and branding

a winning team

Our engineers

Our high performance team gets things done faster. Our expert engineers are committed to working hard to solve business problems and create the tools that organizations need to succeed.

Sound like you?

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